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CSCR-099-PC: inlcude an Act CMET (universal) that can be transformed into a reference in the clin. statements to another R-MIM / message

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Submitted by: William Goossen Revision date:
Submitted date: 14-May-2009 Change request ID: CSCR-099-PC


Use case in NL: use the care record R-MIM for child care full record transfers in case of moving, or similar with pending immunizations orders. The order should be part of the transferred record. However, this cannot be done, hence the Care Record cannot be used because it is not possible.


One solution could be to include a Act CMET Universal which can be transformed to a reference to another R-MIM / message, leaving all characteristics of that in tact.


This would potentially also serve other similar use cases.


4-June-2009 - It is not totally clear what we are trying to achieve. We need to get further input and if needed schedule a special call to review. Isobel will follow-up with William.

06-Aug-2009 - As the proposers recognise you cant easliy place a CMET inside the CS choice box as might be desirable, due to exit point issues.

The group feels that this is unecessary since there are already way to extend the pattern using refinement and extending the pattern at its borders.

CS will convey details about this method to the proposers in order to see if this satisfies. This material will also be included in forthcoming published usage notes.

Recommended Action Items

8-Jul-10 - We will request that this be withdrawn because the desired capability can be achieved by unrolling existing act, particularly when a template is in play.


13-Sep-2010 - William Goossen confirmed that he has withdrawn this proposal.