CSCR-099-PC: inlcude an Act CMET (universal) that can be transformed into a reference in the clin. statements to another R-MIM / message

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Submitted by: <<William Goossen>> Revision date: <<Revision Date>> Submitted date: <<14 May 2009>> Change request ID: <<CSCR-099-PC>>

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[edit] Issue Use case in NL: use the care record R-MIM for child care full record transfers in case of moving, or similar with pending immunizations orders. The order should be part of the transferred record. However, this cannot be done, hence the Care Record cannot be used because it is not possible. [edit] Recommendation One solution could be to include a Act CMET Universal which can be transformed to a reference to another R-MIM / message, leaving all characteristics of that in tact. [edit] Rationale This would potentially also serve other similar use cases. [edit] Discussion [edit] Recommended Action Items [edit] Resolution

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