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CSCR-097-OO-Relax conformance on contextConductionInd and contextControlCode

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Submitted by: Patrick E. Loyd Revision date: Feb 18, 2009
Submitted date: February 18, 2009 Change request ID: CSCR-097


The Pharmacy WG has removed contextConductionInd and contextControlCode from numerous associations (act relationships and participations) throughout their models. I believe it was the intent of the Clinical Statement WG to have the Pharmacy models be deriveable from the Clinical Statement Pattern. Do we relax the clinical statement models similarly?




If context conduction is not included, then context is not conducted unless explicitely re-expressed.

Recommended Action Items

19-Feb-09 - Guidance from MnM is to not change it for now until they have sorted this out.

Austin will strongly suggest to MnM that this must be resolved at the next harmonization meeting.

26-Feb-09 - Austin reviewed with MnM who agreed to discuss during the April 14-17 harmonization sessions.

8-Jul-10 - MnM is in the process of establishing a new approach. Until that is settled there is no point in changing anything yet.

The new approach is already normative in the RIM, it was accepted during a harminization meeting earlier this year. One can still use the old approach, but that isn't recommended. Suggest to include the new approach in all models. See video, with link to PPT on that same page, for an explanation of the new context conduction. Rene spronk 07:17, 9 July 2010 (UTC)