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**Role.code - RoleCode
**Role.code - RoleCode
**Informant.functionCode - ParticipationFunction
**Informant.functionCode - ParticipationFunction
**Performer.functionCode -ParticipationFunction
**Performer.functionCode - ParticipationFunction
**Criterion.code - ObservationType = change to ObservationEventCriteriaType (new)
**Criterion.code - ObservationType = change to ObservationEventCriteriaType (new)
**ControlActEvent.code - ActCode = change to HL7TriggerEventCode (existing)
**ControlActEvent.code - ActCode = change to HL7TriggerEventCode (existing)

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Submitted by: Patrick Loyd Revision date: 15-Jan-2009
Submitted date: 15-Jan-2009 Change request ID: CSCR-096


  • ActCode, RoleCode, and EntityCode have been dropped as concept domains and remain only as codeSystems. Therefore, no message models (DMIM, RMIM, etc.) should bind an attribute to any of these three codeSystems.


  • Remove all usage of ActCode, RoleCode, and EntityCode


  • At the November 2008 Harmonization Meeting (Las Vegas), it was approved to remove the concept domains ActCode, RoleCode, and EntityCode. They will remain as code systems. Therefore, no class should assign any attribute to use any of these three prior domains.


  • What is the right policy for binding vocabulary in 'pattern' models?

Recommended Action Items

  • The following class.attributes need to change their binding from the generic to specific concept domains and value sets.
    • SubstanceAdministration.code - ActCode = change to ActSubstanceAdministrationCode (existing)
    • Supply.code - ActCode = change to SupplyType (new)
    • Procedure.code - ActCode = Change to ActProcedureCode (existing)
    • Act.code - ActCode
    • Organizer.code - ActCode
    • Animal.code - EntityCode = change to NonPersonLivingSubjectEntityType (existing)
    • Entity.code - EntityCode
    • RelatedEntity.code - RoleCode = change to RelatedEntityRoleCode (new)
    • Role.code - RoleCode
    • Informant.functionCode - ParticipationFunction
    • Performer.functionCode - ParticipationFunction
    • Criterion.code - ObservationType = change to ObservationEventCriteriaType (new)
    • ControlActEvent.code - ActCode = change to HL7TriggerEventCode (existing)


29-Jan-09 - Will postpone the discussion until we have had a chance for enough people. Should not go back into ballots until domains are "removed".