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CSCR-093-OO-Add performer.noteText

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Submitted by: Patrick Loyd Revision date: 15-Jan-2009
Submitted date: 15-Jan-2009 Change request ID: CSCR-093


  • Add performer.noteText



  • Used for specimen collector notes, needed to harmonize with lab templates


Recommended Action Items

  • Add performer.noteText
    • description: used to collect notes about the procedure from the performer. Not used for notes which belong in the patient record.
    • noteText: ED [0..1] optional


5-Feb-09 - Alternative could be another act, but then a lot more is required. Another option is the Annotation CMET. Either way, it must be clarified at what point one would use a note and when a full-blown act is more appropriate. This use case seems simple, and administrative. If clinical, then use Annotation CMET or a related Act if it needs more then text (e.g., coded, etc.). This clarification should be included in the attribute level description.

Motion: To accept as proposed with attribute definition clarification. Patrick, Austin.

Discussion: Willing to post to MnM to see whether they can resolve the approach whether performer.note could be deprecated and then use the act consistently. Charlie will post to hot topics.

19-Feb-09 - The note is intended to provided commentary about the participation, whereas the annotation is against the act.
Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 6

Will get further clarification in attribute level descriptions as we get better clarity beyond what we have to date.