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CSCR-093-OO-Add performer.noteText

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Submitted by: Patrick Loyd Revision date: 15-Jan-2009
Submitted date: 15-Jan-2009 Change request ID: CSCR-093


  • Add performer.noteText



  • Used for specimen collector notes, needed to harmonize with lab templates


Recommended Action Items

  • Add performer.noteText
    • description: used to collect notes about the procedure from the performer. Not used for notes which belong in the patient record.
    • noteText: ED [0..1] optional


5-Feb-09 - Alternative could be another act, but then a lot more is required. Another option is the Annotation CMET. Either way, it must be clarified at what point one would use a note and when a full-blown act is more appropriate. This use case seems simple, and administrative. If clinical, then use Annotation CMET or a related Act if it needs more then text (e.g., coded, etc.). This clarification should be included in the attribute level description.

Motion: To accept as proposed with attribute definition clarification. Patrick, Austin.

Discussion: Willing to post to MnM to see whether they can resolve the approach whether performer.note could be deprecated and then use the act consistently. Charlie will post to hot topics.