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CSCR-092-OO-Add interruptableInd, independentInd

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Submitted by: Patrick Loyd Revision date: 15-Jan-2009
Submitted date: 15-Jan-2009 Change request ID: CSCR-092


Align clinical statement observation and procedure with source models


  • Add interruptableInd to observation and procedure
  • Add indepdendentInd to observation


  • InterruptableInd is added to orders to communicate that a particular diagnostic or treatment can't be "stopped" during the action itself.
  • IndependentInd is added to associated acts (associated using act relationships) when a particular class can't be "interpreted" without the associated act (so the value is set to false)


Recommended Action Items

  • Add Observation.interruptableInd and Procedure.interruptableInd
    • interruptable description: used to indicate, on a request, that a particular action cannot be stopped during that action (e.g. 24 hour specimen collection procedure cannot be stopped in the middle)
    • Observation.interruptibleInd: BL [0..1] optional
    • Procedure.interruptibleInd: BL [0..1] optional
  • Add Observation.independentInd
    • description: indicates whether this observation can be understood without accompanying associated information.
    • Observation.independentInd: BL [0..1] optional


5-Feb-09 - Need input from MnM to understand what they are about and then how we can apply accordingly in CS. Charlie is following up.

19-Feb-09 - Motion to accept as proposed. Patrick, Charlie. Need to improve the documentation accordinlgy (particularly attribute level description) on use case and difference between the two.

Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 6

20-Feb-09 CSP v1.2.02 updated (CVB). Note: interruptibleInd already present in Procedure