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CSCR-076 R Subject

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Submitted by: Austin Kreisler Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 12/17/2007 Change request ID: CSCR-076


The Clinical Statement Pattern doesn’t support all the types of entities that public health needs to consider.


  • Substitute the new R_Subject CMET for the existing R_Patient CMET in the Clinical Statement. This will allow entities of interest to public health to be the record target or subject of clinical statements. The R_Subject CMET is structured such that it is easy to constrain it back to R_Patient for non-public health related implementations.
  • The R_Patient CMET appears in the model in 2 places. First is in the ProviderOrPatientOrRelated role choice box. The second place is in the PatientOrRelatedOrSpecimen role choice box.
  • Alternately, the R_InvestigativeSubject CMET can be introduced into these two choice boxes instead of substituting R_Subject for R_Patient.


This proposed change is the one that really requires the change in scope for Clinical Statement. Without it, Clinical Statements will only apply to patients (persons and animals). With it, Clinical Statements can apply to virtually any "thing".


Recommended Action Items


January 2008 WGM -

Withdraw substitution of R_Subject from ProviderOrPatientOrRelated. Keep PatientOrRelatedOrSpecimen.

Motion to swap. Austin, Patrick. Suggestion to go to the additive option requiring an inner choice box. Easier to describe what’s Public Health. Concern that other committees will not be considered conformant once in place.

Against: 3; Abstain: 14; In Favor: 11