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CSCR-073 Exposure

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Submitted by: Austin Kreisler Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 12/17/2007 Change request ID: CSCR-073


The Clinical Statement Pattern doesn’t support Exposure as one of the acts within ActChoice.


Add the new Exposure class to the model. Attribute Details:

 classCode (mandatory):EXPOS
 moodCode (mandatory): ActMood (Probably need a X_ClinicalStatementExposureMood value set)
 id (optional): SET<II> [0..*]
 code (optional): CD CWE [0..1] ActExposureCode
 negationInd (optional): BL (0..1)
 derivationExpr (optional):ST (0..1)
 title (optional): ED [0..1]
 text (optional): ED [0..1]
 statusCode (optional): CS CNE [0..1] ActStatus
 effectiveTime (optional): GTS [0..1]
 confidentialityCode (optional): SET<CE> CWE [0..*] Confidentiality
 independentInd (optional): BL (0..1)
 uncertaintyCode (optional): CE CNE [0..1] ActUncertainty
 languageCode (optional): CE CWE [0..1] HumanLanguage
 routeCode (optional): CE CWE [0..1] RouteOfAdministration
 exposureLevel (optional): CE CWE [0..1] ActExposureLevelCode
 exposureModeCode (optional): CE CWE [0..1] ExposureMode

Participations Associated with Exposure:

  • EXPART Participation (optional) [0..*] connected to the R_InvestigativeSubject universal CMET
  • EXPTARGET Participation (optional) [0..*] connected to the R_InvestigativeSubject universal CMET
  • EXSRC Participation (optional) [0..*] connected to the R_ExposureAgentCarrier universal CMET

All these participations should have the following attributes:

 contextControlCode (required) CS CNE [1..1] ContextControl, default = “ON”
 sequenceNumber (optional) INT [0..1]
 negationInd (optional) BL [0..1]
 time (optional) IVL<TS> [0..1]
 awarenessCode: (optional) Ce CWE [0..1] TargetAwareness


Documentation of Exposures are a vital part of Public Health Report. Whether we are dealing with messages, documents or services, captureing information regarding exposures is vital to public health.


CSCR-073 Exposure.gif

Recommended Action Items


Jan 17, 2008 - Motion to accept. Austin, Dick. Against: 0; Abstain: 10; In Favor: 19