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CSCR-066 Make negationInd 0..1 optional throughout

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Submitted by: Rik Smithies Revision date: 19-Jun-2006
Submitted date: 19-Jun-2006 Change request ID: CSCR-066


NegationInd is present in ObservationRange and Criterion as [1..1] default "false". (Strangely these are neither required nor mandatory, so are 1..1 optional.) Most other negationInd attributes in the model are [0..1] optional, the exception being SourceOf2 and SourceOf1, where it is [0..1] required (it seems a little strange to have a boolean value as 'required').

Models that make use of code systems that include concepts similar to negationInd have no need for this attribute and should be able to refine it out totally. An alternative that has been used is for models that don't need negationInd to make it mandatory with fixed value "false", but this seems unnecessary and wasteful, although that would still be possible.


  • Make all negationInd attributes 0..1 Optional default "false". Specifically this means changing ObservationRange, Criterion, SourceOf2 and SourceOf1.


This means negationInd can be refined out completely in models that don't need them.


2006 08 24 Agreed to split the motion to make negationInd optional on ObservationRange and Criterion and act relationships seperatly.

Regarding ObservationRange and Criterion

Motion proposed by Rik, seconded Patrick

Against none Abstain none For motion ....

Regarding act relationships:

There was no consensus ... Rik to post discussion on MnM

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