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|| '''Submitted by:''' Rik Smithies
|| '''Submitted by:''' Rik Smithies
|| '''Revision date:''' 19-Jun-2006
|| '''Revision date:''' 19-Sep-2006
|| '''Submitted date:''' 19-Jun-2006
|| '''Submitted date:''' 19-Jun-2006

Revision as of 16:30, 19 September 2006

Editing of Change Requests is restricted to the submitter and the co-chairs of the Clinical Statement Project. Other changes will be undone. Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this Change Request.

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Submitted by: Rik Smithies Revision date: 19-Sep-2006
Submitted date: 19-Jun-2006 Change request ID: CSCR-065


Precondition off ObservationRange and also off Criterion have conjunctionCode – [0..1] Required.

Some models have no use case for "condition links" between these acts and so never need to use conjunctionCode.

Since it is Required models cannot be Clinical Statement compliant without supporting this.

This is very similar to the previously agreed CSCR-048


  • Relax these attributes to be 0..1 Optional.


This means the attributes can be refined out completely in models that don't need them.


24 August 2006

This request was submitted so as to align Clinical Statement with the Lab model. Patrick agreed that Lab should revisit their model with respect to the use of conjunctionCode where there was a cardinality of greater than 1 on a condition or precondition. The request should be put on hold for the outcome of the Lab discussion.

Recommended Action Items


Lab Sig have said (Patrick Loyd, 14-Sep-06) that they will add conjunctionCode to their models. Hence they will comply with current Clinical Statement and there is no need for Clinical Statement to change.

Hence this CR is withdrawn.