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CSCR-063 Add birth data to Person

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Revision as of 15:46, 12 May 2006 by WilliamGoossen (talk | contribs) (re-introduce birth order number and multiple birth indicator in Person Related)
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Submitted by: William Goossen Revision date: May 12 - 2006
Submitted date: May 12 - 2006 Change request ID: CSCR-063


Patient care used to have R-MIMs in place and with a choicebox and with then the related party (August 04 ballot). This is currently in early adoptors testing in perinatology.

Our use case for the related party was to address both eg a pregnant woman and the related foetus, alternatively to relate a partner of a stroke patient to the stroke patient.

Now we are using the current patient care materials (Sept 05) based on the clinical statement, we found out that important attributes are missing: the use case is that if we exchange a care record of a child, we want to relate it to parents, or to brothers and sisters. One especial requirement in both perinatology and in child records is to identify for twins the multiple birth indicator and the birth order.

At the time of 04 implementations this was present, and when moving to harmonizing into clinical statement, it was guaranteed that we would not loose materials. Now we use the 05 / 06 materials we found out that this is missing.


Our change request therefore is to reintroduce the multiple birth indicator and the birth order in the person class associated to the choicebox related or etc.



Recommended Action Items

To remodel CS and include these 2 attributes in person in related choice