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In favor: 7
In favor: 7
20 April 2006
CSP v0.2.3 updated - CVB

Latest revision as of 15:03, 20 April 2006

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Submitted by: Rik Smithies Revision date: 12-Feb-2006
Submitted date: 12-Feb-2006 Change request ID: CSCR-052


Material.determinerCode is restricted to KIND.


  • Change to be from domain "EntityDeterminer" (which has KIND and INSTANCE)


INSTANCE is required for when dispensed material instances are to be carried.

An act SBADM/RQO would be a request for a KIND but SPLY/EVN would record an actual supply, which would have an INSTANCE (and use Material.lotNumberText).


Recommended Action Items


Change LabeledDrug and Material determinerCode vocabulary domain to EntityDeterminer

Moved: RS, Second: PL

In favor: 7

20 April 2006 CSP v0.2.3 updated - CVB