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Changes applied to v0.2.2 of CSP
Changes applied to v0.2.2 of CSP - CVB

Latest revision as of 15:19, 28 February 2006

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Submitted by: Heath Frankel Revision date:
Submitted date: 6 Feb. 2006 Change request Id: 039


Need to record the care provider that is responsible for the actions of a less qualified care provider. The responsible care provider may not perform any action associated with the subject.


  • Add particpation (RESP) from ActChoice to R_AssignedEntity CMET
    • Include optional [1..1] contextControlCode attribute with fixed value of AP


Taken from Lloyd's email to Patient Care, 2/2/06, "Use-case for RESP on allergy model"

There are many circumstances where people who are not fully licensed care providers will make decisions "under the credentials" of another care provider. Examples include:

Pharmacy technician recording a reported patient allergy to penecillin "under the credentials" of the pharmacist on duty at the time.

Medical student revises an allergy record changing from "allergy" to "intolerance" after hearing additional description of the reaction. The recording of the allergy is "under the credentials" of a licensed physician.

Note that "RESP" does not necessarily indicate that the provider took any concrete action, or even reviewed the data being recorded. It merely indicates "professional responsibility" for the action taken.


Recommeded Action Items

10/2/06 - Approve the proposal with minor adjustment - Review the need for more specialised Responsibility participationType e.g. CredentialedResponsibility


23/2/06 Accept change request as currently documented on the Wiki and any further changes to be adopted on the Wiki. Against 0 Abstain 0 For 6.Approved.

28/2/06 Changes applied to v0.2.2 of CSP - CVB