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== Discussion ==
== Discussion ==
23 March 2006
23 March 2006
== Resolution ==
== Resolution ==

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Submitted by: David Markwell Revision date: ?
Submitted date: 02 March 2005 Change request ID: CSCR-018

(Copied from HL7 Website Meeting Minutes and original Change Request)


Remove choice PatientOrRelated and tidy recordTarget participation


  1. In the current Clinical Statement DMIM there is a choice called PatientOrRelated it has no common entry or exit points and the two roles in the choice. Therefore this choice should be removed.
  2. There is a related cosmetic issue with the DMIM as it appears that the recordTarget is a “RelatedEntity” role. In fact the connection is (correctly) to patient so this is just a layout problem.


  • Remove the PatientOrRelated role choice and place the roles it contains as direct members of the choice PatientOrRelatedOrSpecimen role choice.
  • Move the recordTarget participations so its appearance conforms with its connections points.


  • The PatientOrRelated role choice serves no purpose in the current model since so relationships enter or leave it.
  • The layout is misleading with respect to the role that participates as recordTarget.


23 March 2006

  • NONE


Motion (Bob, Charlie): as submitted

  • Against: 0; Abstain: 1; In Favor: 4

Charlie Bishop, Heath Frankel, Hans Buttendijk, David Rowed [Chair], Bob Dolin, Dan Russler