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CSCR-016 uncertaintyCode

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Submitted by: Heath Frankel? Revision date: 27 Jan 1005
Submitted date: ? Change request ID: CSCR-016

(Copied from HL7 Website Meeting Minutes and original Change Request)


Was uncertaintyCode left out of clincial statement purposefully?


Add uncertaintyCode



27 January 2005

  • Relates to CMETs and consistency of use
  • David Markwell sees no reason for not including them
  • Uncertainty: add to substance administration, supply, procedure, encounter
  • Bob Dolin drew attention to the definition of uncertainty data type and opposed slapping the term into each act
  • Dan Russler questioned whether the definition is unclear, suggests the semantic is correct


Motion (Heath, Dan): Add uncertainty code to be added to procedure with cardinality 0..1, and for substance, encounter and supply Pharmacy (Julie James) to provide use cases for review.

  • Against: 0; Abstain: 21; In Favor: 23

Dan Russler, David Rowed, Hans Buitendijk, Austin Kreisler, Michael Tan, Jim McCain, Andrew Hinchley, Andrew Perry, Hiro Hoshimoto, Sam Heard, Ed Hammond, Craig Parker, Garry Cruickshank, Davera Gabriel, Max Walker, Isobel Frean, Kay Avant, Rob Hallowell, Mark Shafarman, Tim Jones, David Markwell, Charlie Bishop, Calvin Beebe, Fred Behlen, Hugh Glover, Francois Macary, Julie James, Edward Cheetham, Rita Altamore, Joel Chambriais, Francine Kitchen, Peter Kress, Lowell Reid, Mike Kenig, Sue Thompson, Marguerite Galloway, Lisa Small, Jim Case, Clem McDonald, Helmut Konig, Mike Cassidy, Ron Van Duyne, Greg Thomas, Dougbai Guo, Amy Patitucci, Vassil Peytechev, Tim McNeil, Harry Solomon, Kai Heitmann, Deb Belcher, Sally Klein, Charles Parisot, Kevin Sprague, Rob McClure, Amlan Dasgupta, Stephen Chu, Kensaku Kawamoto, Heath Frankel