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Drug Knowledge Base Query (DOME_SN000010UV)

Eve Everywoman is an 87-year-old woman with multiple medical problems. She lives alone and is finding it difficult to manage her health care properly. Her daughter has offered to care for her in her home and will help manage her medications until such time as Eve is ready for a long term health care facility or managed care.

To prepare for the move to her daughter's house, Eve has decided to obtain as much educational materials on her medications as possible. She visits her pharmacist, Sue Script at Good Neighbor Pharmacy and requests documentation on all her medications. Sue is pleased to oblige and requests a medication profile for Eve from the ePrescribing system (PORX_IN060290UV) (PORX_IN060300UV). From the list of current medications, which include Verapamil and Aprinox. Sue Script then issues a request to a drug knowledge base applicaton that provides short-form educational materials for these medications (POME_IN010010UV) (POME_IN010020UV), prints of the response information, explains their contents to Eve asks her to give them to her daugher.