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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Sept 21

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ATTENDEES: David Tao, Frank Pfloeg, Adamu Haruna


  • Debrief from HL7 San Diego WGM. The changes to the cMHAFF document were described.
  • Review of U.K. PAS277 Guidelines (new document recommended in San Diego) -- Adamu gave a first impression, but we will defer detailed discussion until the next meeting.
  • Brainstorm the concept of something like "nutrition facts" or "drug label" for cMHAFF -- a visual summary of key facts about an app. What would be in it? There was a lot of enthusiasm for this concept among the meeting participants, as well as in San Diego. We talked about how some information would be provided by self-declaration, but other parts might come from testing or certification. Adamu suggested a simple visual approach, such as "red, yellow, green" lights, possibly combined with symbols. We looked through several cMHAFF sections, envisioning how they might be summarized on this label. Unlike a food or drug label, it does not have to fit on a physical "box," so we expect that it will be a tabular/graphical representation, not to exceed one page. David will create a first draft for consideration.
  • No meeting on Sept. 28th. Next meeting will be on October 5th.