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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Oct 26

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ATTENDEES: David Tao, Nathan Botts, Gary Dickinson, Adamu Haruna


  • Discussed timeline (which is now growing short) and plan to complete work on time. Need to refrain from adding new material and focus on getting existing material into shape for ballot, by resolving questions and open issues.
    • Initial content deadline Nov 26
    • Reconciliation deadline Dec 3: is it needed, since ballot reconciliation was done long ago, and it was a comment-only ballot?
    • Final content deadline Dec 17
    • There are six remaining cMHAFF calls. David will propose subdividing cMHAFF into five "chunks" that will be reviewed in the first five calls, allowing for a final overall review in the last meeting. It will important to stick to this schedule and off-line review (not just in-meeting review) will be required.
  • NIB was reviewed. It will be proposed at MH Friday meeting on Nov 3
  • Review and decision on specific comments
    • DKT2 -- Decision Tree diagram. We will skip it for now. Nathan may have a new version suitable for an Appendix.
    • DKT5 and DKT8 -- Product development. Are all aspects of the product development life cycle appropriate to mention, if there are not corresponding conformance criteria for all of them? We decided to leave this as is.
    • DKT6 -- Environmental Scan -- We agreed with the changes.
    • DKT7 -- statement about cMHAFF and regulations. Agreed.
    • DKT9 -- Secure Coding practices reference. Nathan will send David a reference he found.
    • DKT13&14 -- Risk Management references. Agreed.
    • DKT18 -- OK to say that Product Information does not all have to be in one place? Yes.
    • DKT21 -- Liability discussion. OK now after revision? Yes.
    • DKT28 -- new text on identity proofing, and limitation of its scope. OK after revision to refer to "other HIT systems" (not required if standalone app).
    • DKT29 -- Strong authentication options. Agreed.
    • DKT34 -- Data Provenance, OK after slight revisions to mention CDA and FHIR as examples.
    • Did not get to the last 3
      • DKT41 -- Audit standard?
      • DKT47 -- Initial set of definitions. Check for important missing terms.
      • DKT48 -- Platform-specific considerations
  • Review Section 2.2 cMHAFF Label major simplification (based on last week's conversation). I propose to make this a non-normative Appendix, since it will take too much time to gain consensus, it's beyond our scope to execute, and it could divert attention from the Conformance Criteria which are the most important (normative) part of cMHAFF. We agreed to move it to the Appendix, and that the simplification was a good idea.