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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Nov 9

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ATTENDEES: David Tao, Matthew Graham, Nathan Botts

AGENDA (cMHAFF meetings are in bold; other milestones are in italics).

  • Review Sections 3 through 3.3 (comments on 2.2 through 2.5 still accepted). Many changes were made. Decision was made to move more references to Appendix and reference them, rather than repeating references in several sections. We only got through 3.2.4. 3.3 added to next week's agenda.
  • Plan for end-to-end review of cMHAFF (need to stick to this). Participants are asked to please review the material prior to each meeting, not wait only for in-meeting discussion. The estimated page counts below are based on the November 3rd version posted on this Wiki ==> cMHAFF latest version
    • NIB was approved on MH Friday call Nov 3, and was submitted on Nov 3
    • Thurs Nov 9: Sections 3 through 3.3 (General, Product Development, Download and Install App) -- approx 10 pages
    • Thurs Nov 16: Section 3.4 (Security, Notifications, Data Exchange, etc.)-- approx 10 pages, including most of the technical requirements
    • No meeting on Thurs Nov 23 (USA Thanksgiving holiday)
    • Initial content deadline Nov 26
    • Thurs Nov 30: Sections 3.5, 3.6, and Chapters 4 and 5 (App Service Termination, Conditions & Agreements, Definitions, Implementation) -- approx 5 pages,
    • Thurs Dec 7: Chapter 6 through end (Appendices) -- approx 7 pages
    • Friday Dec 8 at MH Friday call, obtain workgroup approval of the document.
    • Thurs Dec 14: final end-to-end review, clean up, formatting for submission
    • Final content deadline Dec 17