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ATTENDEES: Nathan Botts, Frank Ploeg, Adamu Haruna
ATTENDEES: David Tao, Nathan Botts, Frank Ploeg, Adamu Haruna

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ATTENDEES: David Tao, Nathan Botts, Frank Ploeg, Adamu Haruna


  • Section 3.4.3 through Chapter 4 (App Service Termination, Conditions & Agreements, Definitions) -- approx 12 pages. This includes review of comments submitted in advance by Adamu Haruna and Frank Ploeg. Using comment numbers from Frank's document (which includes Adamu's), the following items are on the agenda: All of the items were discussed, dispositions were agreed to, and will be reflected in the next update.
    • HA3 -- adding cross-device authentication?
    • FP7 -- potential addition to 3.2.1 on EU regulatory landscape
    • HA8 -- 3.4.6 #2, should it be moved to different section?
    • FP12 and FP14 -- 3.4.7, discuss potential additions to interoperability standards
    • HA15 -- 3.4.8, is it necessary to mention local regulations here?
    • FP23 -- 4. Definitions. Should "Personal Health Environment" be added?
    • HA28 -- 6.1 References. Should additional documents be added?
    • The following comments were accepted and David has already incorporated them into cMHAFF: HA9, HA16, HA19, HA20, HA25, HA26, HA27, and HA30
    • Review a few miscellaneous changes that David made to preceding sections:
      • 2.5 OK to mention ehealth Action Plan?
      • 3.4.2 comment DKT3
      • 3.3.1 P2 -- impact of not making payments: is the change OK?
  • Plan for end-to-end review of cMHAFF (need to stick to this). Participants are asked to please review the material prior to each meeting, not wait only for in-meeting discussion. The estimated page counts below are based on the latest version posted on this Wiki ==> cMHAFF STU: latest version
    • Thurs Dec 7: Chapter 5 through end (Implementation, Appendices) -- approx 8 pages
    • Friday Dec 8 at MH Friday call, obtain workgroup approval of the document.
    • Thurs Dec 14: final end-to-end review, clean up, formatting for submission
    • Final content deadline Dec 17