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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Nov 16

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  • Section 3.3 through 3.4.6 (Download and Install App, Security) -- approximately 9 pages.
  • Plan for end-to-end review of cMHAFF (need to stick to this). Participants are asked to please review the material prior to each meeting, not wait only for in-meeting discussion. The estimated page counts below are based on the November 10th version to be posted on this Wiki ==> cMHAFF latest version
    • No meeting on Thurs Nov 23 (USA Thanksgiving holiday)
    • Initial content deadline Nov 26
    • Thurs Nov 30: Sections 3.4.7 through Chapters 4(App Service Termination, Conditions & Agreements, Definitions) -- approx 11 pages,
    • Thurs Dec 7: Chapter 5 through end (Implementation, Appendices) -- approx 7 pages
    • Friday Dec 8 at MH Friday call, obtain workgroup approval of the document.
    • Thurs Dec 14: final end-to-end review, clean up, formatting for submission
    • Final content deadline Dec 17