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CMETs in the Care Provision Domain

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CMETS defined by Domain: Care Provision

<< Changes required for normative ballot 2012 of D-MIM and core R-MIMs: CareEventIdntified CMET removed>>

▼ RMIM Identifiers (Sorted by Display Order)

	 	A_PrincipalCareProvision universal(COCT_RM820000UV)  

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	 	Pc Event New A_principalcareprovision Universal(COCT_RM820000UV)  

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	 	COCT_RM820000UV(Pc Event New A_principalcareprovision Universal)  

12.1 Refined Message Information Models

12.2A_PrincipalCareProvision universal (COCT_RM820000UV) Diagram

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Parent: REPC_DM000000UV

Used to describe the principal performer responsible for a specified aspect of patient care (CareProvision), usually as a target of a patient subject participation. The care provision performer may be the principal provider responsible for general care or while within a particular healthcare facility. This relationship is usually solid over time and is recorded only for administrative purposes; actual care provided by this healthcare provider is recorded separately.

Classes for conveying principal provider relationships are:

CareProvision - this is the act of being responsible for some aspect of care, performed by the assigned provider. The type of care (e.g. Primary Care, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Ob/gyn.) is defined by the code attribute. The statusCode and effectiveTime can differentiate between current and former primary care provision. The care provider performing the CareProvision act is linked via the performer participation. The performing function of the participant (e.g. primary care physician, preferred provider) can be specified by the participation functionCode attribute.

AssignedProvider - a person assigned a career functional role, optionally representing an organization. This is the care provider who has the principal responsibility of performing patient care. The AssignedProvider class has the following attributes:

o id - set of identifiers relevant to their role within the scope of the represented organization;

o code - specifies the functional role within the represented organization;

o addr - set of mailing addresses within the scope of the represented organization;

o telecom - set of electronic communication details within the scope of the represented organization;

o effectiveTime - start and end date, if relevant, of the assigned function role within the scope of the represented organization; and

o certificateText - digital certificate representing the provider performing the assigned role within the scope of the represented organization. The AssignedProvider class has the following associated classes:

o Organization (representedOrganization) - if relevant, the organization that the assigned provider represents, which is defined by an E_Organization [universal] CMET Person - the care provider is a specific person, they are identified by name. Person has the following associated classes:

o RoleOther - used when the person has identifiers associated with other roles the person may play. The id attribute collects a set of identifiers issued by the same scoping organization.

If relevant, the scoping organization of the RoleOther role is defined by the E_Organization [universal] CMET.

o HealthCareProvider - the care provider must be licensed to provide health care services by some issuing organization. The HealthCareProvider role has an id attribute that contains a set of license numbers issued by the scoping organization, a code that indicates the type of health care provider, and an effectiveTime providing the start and end dates of the license. If relevant, the issuing organization that scopes the HealthCareProvider role is defined by the E_Organization [contact] CMET.

Message Element Types Used

E_OrganizationUniversal COCT_MT150000UV02

E_OrganizationContact COCT_MT150003UV03

Base Hierarchical Message Description

Message Type List

Pc Event New A_principalcareprovision Universal


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