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== Tooling ==
The following is a list of tools that might be pertinent to investigate as we develop CIMI tooling:
*Terminology Browsers
**[ IHTSDO browser]
*Value Set Editors
**[ art-decor]
**[ Apelon]
**[ National Library of Medicine Value Set Authority (VSAC)]
*CIMI Model Authoring Tool
**[ ADL 2.0 web based archetype and template editors]
**[Spanish ADL Authoring Tool from Spain (Gerard Freriks to provide info)]
*FHIR Profile Editors
**[ Furore Forge FHIR profile editor]
**[ Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT)]
*CIMI to FHIR Profile Conversion
**[ Model Driven Message Interoperability]
**[ FHIR "logical model" work]

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