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== Tues Q4 ==  
== Tues Q4 ==  
* [ FHIRcast PSS update] from Isaac Vetter
* [ FHIRcast PSS update] from Isaac Vetter - 20 minutes.
= Wednesday =
= Wednesday =

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Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda Jan 2019 (1/12-1/18) Work Group Meeting, San Antonio, TX

Saturday and Sunday


  • no official meetings
  • Arden Syntax meeting Monday rather than Tuesday


  • Representatives invited by OO/CQI/CDS/CIMI to review FHIR resources/topics owned by these groups

Q4 (anticipated)

  • Representatives invited by FHIR Infrastructure discuss FHIR Workflow (multiple WGs invited)


Tues Q1

  • Joint with Arden (CDS hosts)
  • Brief overview of WG activities
  • Agenda review and update as needed
  • WG health/administration issues
  • PSSs

Tues Q2

  • CQI hosts CDS and FHIR Infrastructure reps
    • (Josh Mandel confirmed, Isaac Vetter and Drew Torres confirmed for CDS Hooks)
  • (to be determined by CQI since they host)

Tues Q3

  • CDS hosts CQI and FHIR Infrastructure reps
    • (Lloyd McKenzie confirmed, Isaac Vetter and Drew Torres confirmed for CDS Hooks)
  • (Proposed topics)
    • CDS Hooks Project Update/Connectathon Report Out
    • CDS Hooks Discussion
    • Clinical Reasoning Project Update/Connectathon Report Out
    • FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

Tues Q4


Wed Q1

  • CDS Hosts CQI and CIMI
  • (proposed) CIMI-based logical model and FHIR profiles for CDS and CQI

Wed Q2

  • Joint with CQI (CQI hosts)
  • (to be determined by CQI)

Wed Q3

  • CDS to host CQI and Pharmacy
  • (proposed) PDDI (Potential Drug-Drug Interaction) CDS Hooks implementation guide
  • Also, OO has invited reps for discussion of Obervation-Media-DocumentReference/DiagnosticReport-Composition OO owned FHIR resources review

Wed Q4

  • CQI invites CIMI and CDS
  • (note: many WG members leave after Wed Q3 for flights)
  • TBD


Thurs Q1

  • CDS WG not officially meeting, but reps invited by O&O (placeholder for now)?