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Latest revision as of 17:52, 3 October 2018

Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda Sept 2018 (9/29-10/5) Work Group Meeting, Baltimore, MD

Primary CDS Work Group meeting will be from Tue and Wed

Proposed Agenda as of 2018-09-12 call

Agenda items pending allocation of time

Attendance tracking

Please use: Shortened to =>

Other Work Groups' agendas

Saturday and Sunday: FHIR Connectathon

CDS Hooks and Clinical Reasoning tracks.

Monday: no official meetings

Arden Syntax meeting Monday rather than Tuesday

Q3 - Representatives invited by OO/CQI/CDS/CIMI - DeviceUseStatement/Catalog and other topics

Q4 - Representatives invited by FHIR Infrastructure to discuss FHIR Workflow (multiple WGs invited)

Tues Q1: Joint with Arden (CDS hosts)

- Brief overview of WG activities

- Agenda review and update as needed

- WG health/administration issues

- PSS for the Infobutton reaffirmation ballot

- ITS discussing FHIRPath (Bryn would need to attend; others welcome)

- Availability here?

Tues Q2: CQI hosts CDS and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Josh Mandel confirmed, Isaac Vetter and Drew Torres confirmed for CDS Hooks)

(to be determined by CQI since they host)

(potential topics)

- FHIR Exchange of Data for Quality Measures (project 1429) - Ballot Reconciliation

- Da Vinci Update

- FHIR Tracker Items - Clinical Reasoning

Tues Q3: CDS hosts CQI and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Lloyd McKenzie confirmed, Isaac Vetter and Drew Torres confirmed for CDS Hooks)

- CDS Hooks Project Update/Connectathon Report Out

- CDS Hooks Discussion GitHub Issue 377 (Invite FM, specifically DaVinci CRD)

- Clinical Reasoning Project Update/Connectathon Report Out

- FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

Tues Q4: Regular meeting

- PSS for the Infobutton reaffirmation ballot (overflow if needed)

- PDDI Ballot Reconciliation/Discussion

- Patient Care?

- Potential availability?

Wed Q1: Joint with CQI and CIMI, hosted by CQI

(owned by CQI so they can decide)


- QI Core - QDM-mapping and Argonaut issues

- CIMI - update to CQI and CDS

- CQL Project Update

- Quality Improvement IG discussions

Wed Q2: Joint with CQI (CQI hosts)

(to be determined by CQI)


- Brian Alper: EBM on FHIR project update/connectathon report out (30 min.)

- Gaps in Care - Follow up?

Wed Q3: CQI to host CDS and Pharmacy

- PDDI (Drug-Drug Interaction)

- FHIR Tracker Items - Clinical Reasoning

Wed Q4: Joint session hosting CQI and CIMI

- CIMI for Quality (overflow)

Th Q1: CDS WG not officially meeting, but reps invited by O&O (placeholder for now)?