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CDS WG Agenda 2018-05

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Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda May 2018 (5/12-18) Work Group Meeting, Cologne, Germany


Primary CDS Work Group meeting will be from Tue and Wed

Agenda items pending allocation of time

Information sharing/presentations by European colleagues

Attendance tracking

Please use:

Other Work Groups' agendas

Discussion Items pending allocation of time

Saturday and Sunday: FHIR Connectathon

There will be a track on CDS and eCQM, including work with the unification with CDS Hooks for CDS services.

Monday: no official meetings

Arden Syntax meeting Monday rather than Tuesday

Q4 - Representatives invited by FHIR Infrastructure to discuss FHIR Workflow (multiple WGs invited)

Tues Q1: Joint with Arden (CDS hosts)

- Brief overview of WG activities

- Agenda review and update as needed

- Update on vMR v2 ballot

- Future direction for detail models

- (Tentative) WG health/administration issues (e.g., updating PSS target dates, DMP update)

- (Tentative) PSSs and project planning

Tues Q2: CQI hosts CDS and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Kevin Shekleton requested; Isaac Vetter unavailable)

- Connect-a-thon updates

- CDS Hooks 1.0 specification GitHub comments review

- Infobutton on CDS Hooks -- Connect-a-Thon demo and updates

- Opioid CDS Hooks -- Connect-a-Thon demo and updates

- CDS Hooks Boston Children's IP issue update and May 2018 ballot approach -- submit NIB or wait until IP issues resolved? If submit NIB, pull before ballot announcement if IP issue not resolved?

Tues Q3: CDS hosts CQI and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Kevin Shekleton requested; Isaac Vetter unavailable) (3rd floor, St. James)

- Clinical Reasoning and QICore ballot reconciliation; CQL STU comments reconciliation

- Future of QICore/modeling activities and vendor support for required FHIR profiles

- (tentative) discussion with PHER representatives on immunization CDS

- (as time allows) additional FHIR tracker item reconciliation and FHIR goals

Tues Q4: Regular meeting (light quarter, may adjourn early) (2nd floor, Marlborough A)

- Clinical Reasoning ballot reconciliation (only items that are CDS-specific)

- Overflow: WG health/administration issues (e.g., updating PSS target dates)

- Overflow: PSSs and project planning

- Open Call for Agenda Items / Information Sharing (e.g., Univ. of Utah would be happy to share its work on productions uses of FHIR, CDS Hooks, and SMART on FHIR for CDS)

- ITS discussing FHIRPath (Bryn attending; others welcome)

Wed Q1: Joint with CQI and CIMI, hosted by CQI (St. James, 3rd floor)

- CDS KNART project -- status update

- ELTSS project (electronic long term services and analysis)

- Future of QICore/modeling activities and intersection with CIMI, including relationship to FHIR profiles

Wed Q2: Joint with CQI (CQI hosts) Confirmed will also meet with Pharmacy (St. James, 3rd floor)

- Drug-drug interaction knowledge modeling with CQI and Pharmacy

Wed Q3 Option 1 (tentative) : CDS hosts CQI


Wed Q3 Option 2 (tentative) : Hosted by O&O/Patient Care on mutually important FHIR resources discussion

Joint meeting with FHIR-I, CDS, CQI, PCWG Topic: FHIR resources with joint interest

Wed Q4: Joint session hosting CQI and CIMI (likely half a session) (St. James, 3rd floor)

- CIMI for Quality

- Clinical Reasoning and QICore ballot reconciliation

Thurs Q1: No meeting

- Orders and Observations invites CDS WG representatives (updates from various WGs; overflow for Wed Q3)

Thurs Q3: No meeting

- Patient Care and PHER discussing adverse event / allergy modeling