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'''Discussion Items pending allocation of time'''
'''Discussion Items pending allocation of time'''
'''Saturday and Sunday''': FHIR Connectathon
There will be a track on CDS

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Tentative Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda Jan 2016 (1/10-16) Work Group Meeting, Orlando, Florida

Primary CDS Work Group meeting will be from Wed and Thurs

Discussion Items pending allocation of time

Saturday and Sunday: FHIR Connectathon

There will be a track on CDS

Monday: no official meetings

Q3 and Q4: CDS reps invited to join FHIR Infrastructure for Workflow discussion. Inquiry initiated on proposal for CDS to be owning workgroup for this.

Q4: CDS reps invited to join SOA for update on CDS-related service project updates including Clinical Decision Support Service

Tuesday: no official meetings

Q3: CDS reps invited to join Patient Care re: C-CDA and QRDA/QUICK harmonization and clinical status value set discussions

Wed Q1: Joint with SD and CQI, hosted by CQI

Wed Q2: Regular session

- CDS to send reps to CG for discussion on synergies with Infobutton

Wed Q3: Joint session with CQI, CQI hosting -- request separate room for GELLO ballot reconciliation

Wed Q4: Regular session, hosting CQI and CIMI

- CIMI may see if FHIR can send representation - Discussion: CIMI-based data modeling

Thurs Q1: Regular session, potentially invite HSI for Guideline Appropriate Ordering ballot reconciliation

Also invited by O&O to join with PC and Templates

Thurs Q2: CQI hosts CDS and FHIR reps

Thurs Q3: CDS hosts CQI and FHIR resps

Thurs Q4: Regular session