CDS WG Agenda 2013-01

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Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda Jan 2013 Work Group Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

Primary CDS Work Group meeting will be from Wed and Thurs

Tues Q2: Joint with Arden Syntax and PHER (in Arden Syntax room)

Immunization and CDS

Wed Q1: Regular session - Joint with SD (in SD room)

Harmonizing QDM and VMR

Infobutton update

Wed Q2: Regular session (TBD)

Wed Q3: TBD (Hosting PHER?)

Wed Q4: Regular session (TBD)

Thurs Q1: Regular session (TBD)

Thurs Q2: Regular session (TBD)

Thurs Q3: Regular session (TBD)

Thurs Q4: Regular session (TBD)