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CDA R3 simply external references

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The current approach to linking graphics requires the use of observationMedia inside an entry. This makes it impossible to reference graphics in Level 1 CDA documents (which by definition contain no coded entries).


  • Allow renderMultiMedia to reference graphics directly by URL. An possible example is shown below:
  <renderMultiMedia mediaType="image/gif" value="lefthand.gif"/>

... or if we decide to allow XHTML in the body:

  <xhtml:img src="lefthand.gif"/>



Recommended Action Items


March 23, 2010: renderMultiMedia can be used in a CDA L1 document. It's important that it be used when referencing attested content, because the corresponding entry has additional details (such as ID, etc). Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0; In favor: 6.