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== Recommended Action Items ==
== Recommended Action Items ==
Add to the work plan
For: 14
Against: 0
Abstain: 0
== Resolution ==
== Resolution ==

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Submitted by: Harry Solomon Revision date: 22 Sept 2009
Submitted date: 20 Jan 2009 Change request ID: <<Change Request ID>>


In December 2008, 12 cardiology specialty societies led by the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association issued a Health Policy Ststement on Structured Reporting. It set out a policy goal of improving cardiology processes through standardizing structured documentation of procedures.

Published in association with the Health Policy Ststement was a consensus set of Key Data Elements and Definitions for Cardiac Imaging to be included in structured report documents. Among those were two administrative data elements associated with the service delivery location:

  • accreditation status
  • accreditation entity

These were specified in support of another quality improvement initiative, associated with certification/accreditation of cardiac imaging labs. The professional societies believe that accreditation status is an important aspect of indicating report quality, as some of the accreditation measures will deal with adherence to standardized structured report documentation.

The professional societies are therefore very interested in encoding accreditation status in the CDA header. Note that this can then be used to investigate from the aggregate of report documents whether accreditation actually results in improved diagnostic quality, patient outcomes, and cost effectiveness.


Add accreditation/certification attributes to the identity of the Service Delivery Location in the CDA header.

A suggested RIM-based model is:

  • from HealthCareFacility role (Service Delivery Location), add an IDENT RoleLink to a new role LicensedEntity, with a scoper Entity of the accrediting organization. The LicensedEntity class conveys all the required information attributes for accreditation, including effectiveTime.



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Recommended Action Items


From minutes on July 22, 2010 Motion: After some general discussion, it was moved to accept and add to the work plan support for noting the credentials of the performing location. Austin moved, Second liora. Abstain: 0 Against: 0 For 14 (ALL) motion passes