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* Calvin Beebe
* Calvin Beebe
* Pete Gilbert
* Pete Gilbert
* Diana Behling
* Bonnie McAllister
==CDA R3 Editors (Draft for comment 1)==
==CDA R3 Editors (Draft for comment 1)==

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CDA R3 Editors Page

Welcome to the CDA R3 Editors page. This is where the project will be tracking which editors are performing editing tasks on various sections of the CDA R3 standard. Below is an outline of the sections within the document and editors working on those sections.

Editing Guidelines

  • Editors should indicate what sections they are working on by adding their name to the section below
  • As the editors group walks through the document, they are adding notes regarding the types of edits that need to be made for a section
  • Editors should grab the relevant section for editing from the CDA R2 spec, make the edits in MS Word. Once the edits are complete for a section, upload the document to the wiki and link the section to in via wiki markup
    • Upload File
    • example file link: [[]]

CDA R3 Editors (DSTU1 - Sept 2013 ballot)

  • Austin Kreisler
  • Benjamin Flessner
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Pete Gilbert
  • Diana Behling
  • Bonnie McAllister

CDA R3 Editors (Draft for comment 1)

  • Austin Kreisler
  • Amnon Shabo
  • Bonnie McAllister
  • Diana Behling
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Stan Rankins
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Rick Geimer
  • Pete Gilbert
  • Keith Boone
  • Alexander Henket

Editor Conference Calls

Upcoming Publishing Deadlines (September 2013 Cycle)

  • July 7 (Sunday) T minus 5 - NIBs
  • July 14 (Sunday) T minus 4 - Initial Content Due – XML-based Submissions
  • July 21 (Sunday) T minus 3 - Preview and CMET Content Due – XML-based Submissions
  • July 28 (Sunday) T minus 2 - Reconciliation, Complete & Supporting Content Deadlines – All Submissions
  • August 3 (Sunday) T minus 1 - Final Content Deadline – XML-based Submissions
  • August 12 (Monday) T minus 0 - July 30 (Monday) T minus 0


I've put some more of the R2 content so that you can see how it will look. You can download the file at File:Uvcd ... Pete

Useful links for editors

Please add any useful links you can think of here.

1 CDA Overview

  • Editor -

1.1 What is the CDA

  • Editor -
    • 20120613 - group does not feel any edits to this section are necessary. See document posted by Lisa regarding this section.
    • Does any of the text associated with the 6 document characteristics need to be made? Lisa will follow up with Kalvin, Keith, Bob to see if they have anything from the tutorials.

1.1.1 Key aspects of the CDA

  • The thirds bullet that talks about expressiveness and flexibility of R2 needs to be revised slightly to indicate that R3 is introducing additional flexibility where R2 was found limiting in some cases.

1.1.2 Scope of the CDA

  • Need add some text outlining the expanded scope of participation in the header as well as the expansion of the right hand side entries to include more or less the entire RIM.

1.1.3 Goals and Design Principles

  • These goals and design principles were reviewed on the section and approved making the following changes:
    • Change the final goal
      • From: Enable policy-makers to control their own information requirements without extension to this specification.
      • To: Enable policy-makers and implementers to control their own information requirements without extension to this specification.
    • Following the first goal, add a new goal:
      • Provide additional support for use cases related to secondary use of healthcare data
    • Add a design principle describing how we are supporting the above new goal via the expanded generic header participant as well as the expansion of the "clinical statement" portion of CDA to encompass more or less the entire RIM

1.2 General CDA Concepts

  • Editor -

1.2.1 Major Components of a CDA Document

1.2.2 The "A" in "CDA"

  • Need to add a sentence that CDA R3 hasn't really changed the approach to CDA "levels" that was used in CDA R2.
  • One note that if we go down the split semantics from rendering path that we can no longer assume that a level 3 CDA has level 2 sections. That will need to be made explicit as opposed to being implicit as it is today.

1.2.3 Human Readability and Rendering CDA Documents

  • Needs to be updated to talk about CDA R3 instead of CDA R2)
  • Need to take a look at the last bullet to see if R2 really accomplished this and what if any change needs to be made in R3 to allow indicating how narrative was derived from structured content.
    • "When narrative is derived from structured content, there must be a mechanism to identify the process by which narrative was generated from structured data."
  • Also need to add a discussion about responsibilities of creators of documents regarding what ends up as machine readable vs. human readable.

1.2.4 XML Markup of CDA Documents

  • editor - Keith
  • Keith has some tweaks to the meaning of validation of the CDA.

Media:1-2-4 XML Markup of CDA Documents.docx

1.2.5 Security, Confidentiality, and Data Integrity

  • Content for this section is tied to the output from the CDA R3 Security Cookbook risk assessment. That won't be completed in time for the draft for comment ballot, but needs to be wrapped up before normative balloting.

1.2.6 Relationship of the CDA to HL7 Messaging Standards

  • Leave as is for now

1.3 CDA Conformance

  • editor - Keith
  • Keith has some tweaks to the meaning of validation of the CDA.

Media:1-3 CDA Conformance.docx

1.3.1 Recipient Responsibilities

1.3.2 Originator Responsibilities

1.4 CDA Extensibility

  • Editor - Keith


1.5 Backwards and Forwards Compatibility

  • Editor -
  • Need to add release notes for CDA R3 (based on task tracker)

2 Introduction to CDA Technical Artifacts

  • Editor - Keith to review to see what edits need to be made.


2.1 HL7 Reference Information Model

  • Editor -

2.2 HL7 V3 Data Types

  • Editor -

Adopting R2 Datatypes

2.3 HL7 Vocabulary Domains

  • Editor -


  • Editor -

2.5 HL7 CDA Hierarchical Description

  • Editor -

2.6 HL7 CDA XML Implementation

  • Editor - Rick


3 CDA Document Exchange in HL7 Messages

  • Editor -


  • Editor -

4.1 Clinical Document

  • Editor -

4.2 Header

  • Editor - Rick & Austin
  • Same content needs to be pushed into the CDA R3 RMIM as attribute level descriptions.

4.2.1 Header Attributes

4.2.2 Header Participants

4.2.3 Header Relationships

4.2.4 Header Rendering

Editor: Keith Media:4-2-4 Header Rendering.docx Could move to Rendering Section above

4.3 Body

  • Editor -

4.3.1 Body Choice

4.3.2 Section Attributes

4.3.3 Section Participants

4.3.4 Section Relationships

4.3.5 Section Narrative Block

Editor: Calvin Beebe

Uploaded narrative: [Section 4.3.5] additional materials are in this [Zip file] i.e. CDA Narrative Schema (XSD) file and documentation (HTML) file.

4.3.6 Entry Acts Document using templates for the new CDA Act Statement
  • Editor - Calvin

4.3.7 Entry Participants

4.3.8 Entry Relationships

4.4 CDA Context

  • Editor - Amnon


4.4.1 Overview of CDA Context

4.4.2 Technical Aspects of CDA Context

5 CDA Hierarchical Description

  • Editor -

6 CDA XML Implementation

  • Editor -


  • Editor -

A Samples

  • Editor -

A.1 Sample Document

A.2 Sample CDA Instance

A.3 Sample CDA Style Sheet

  • Editor - Alexander/Calvin


  • SHOULD where possible stay close to the rendering done by the current cda.xsl
  • SHOULD try to have 1 XSL for both CDAr2 and CDAr3
  • SHOULD run in major browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and up, FireFox, Chrome, Safari)
    • SHOULD use XSLT 1.0 without EXSLT or other extensions
  • SHOULD produce valid XHTML Strict 1.0 (makes sense given that NarrativeBlock is a subset of XHTML Strict)
  • SHOULD produce in XHTML default encoding UTF-8
  • SHOULD have core CSS internal, but MAY additionally provide hook to external CSS
  • SHOULD work well both on screen and in print (separate CSS to do this)
  • SHOULD be localizable, SHOULD provide at least English (en-US)
  • MAY use Javascript internally as long as the default is without, and MAY additionally provide hook to external Javascript
  • SHOULD NOT implement cookie support
  • COULD be optimized for smaller screens such as phones and tablets
  • SHOULD display:
    • All header information
    • NonStructuredBody if the content type allows it in XSLT 1.0
    • StructuredBody/Section attributes including NarrativeBlock and participations, but except component (Level 3)
    • Images and other media as far as content type allows it and if not wrapped in Base64 (unless someone can point out how to Base64 decode in XSL 1.0 without extensions with reasonable performance)

B Implementation Notes

  • Editor -

B.1 Creating CDA Documents

B.2 LOINC Document Codes

Do we still want this in R3, or do we just want to direct folks to LOINC? pete

B.3 CDA and Semantic Interoperability

B.4 Changes from CDA Release 1

B.4.1 Deprecated Components

B.4.2 CDA R1 to CDA R2 Correspondence