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== '''Past Minutes''' ==
== '''Past Minutes''' ==
*[[2018 02 15 Minutes - Technical Team]]
*[[2018 02 15 Minutes - Technical Team]]
== '''Ballot Reconciliation''' ==
== '''Working Documents''' ==
== '''Working Documents''' ==
=== Last updated:  2/15/2018 ===
=== Last updated:  2/15/2018 ===

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CDA R2.1 Stylesheet Project

Welcome to the CDA R2.1 Stylesheet Project Wiki Site. This wiki will be used to share the project managment information supporting the development of an informative stylesheet which can be used to render instances of CDA R2.1 documents.

  • Guiding principles used to manage the project, encourage collaboration, and focus the scope of the content to be included.
    • The PSS sets the scope and boundaries for the project.

Project Information

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Participation Information

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Agenda Items

Current Agenda - Technical Team

Past Minutes

Working Documents

Last updated: 2/15/2018