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CDA Implementation Guide Quality Criteria

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Project Scope Statement (approved by SDWG, pending TSC approval):

NOTE: This is a draft starter set of CDA Implementation Guide Quality Criteria. HL7 Structured Documents WG is putting together a Project Scope Statement to flesh these out in more detail. For now, think of this page more as a scratch pad where anyone can list their suggestions.

Suggested CDA Implementation Guide Quality Criteria

  • Title page
    • Title is specified
    • Realm is specified
    • Ballot type (e.g. DSTU vs. ??) is specified
    • Date is specified
    • HL7 logo is present
  • Templates
    • Each template has a narrative description
    • Constraints are ordered per the CDA schema
  • Version? Usage? Edition?
    • Guide specifies both normative and inferred or inherited constraints, but clearly differentiates between them with visual cues
    • or,
    • Guide is published both in a concise version for normative purposes, including only constraints unique to the guide, and in a verbose version for developers, making all constraints explicit, whether unique to the guide or inherited
  • Value sets
    • Are linked to templates using normative binding syntax
    • Each value set is referenced via a value set OID
    • Each code in a value set has a specified code system OID
  • Examples
    • Inline examples are present for all templates
    • A stand alone complete sample file is present
  • Extensions [suggested addition:LRN]
    • A table summarizes all extensions
    • Modified Schema including all extensions