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*Project Scope Statement (as of 3/23/2018):
*Project Scope Statement (as of 3/23/2018):
* HL7 Project Insight#: TBD
* HL7 Project Insight#: TBD
* SDWG Approval: TBD
* SDWG Approval: 2018-03-22
* FHIR-I Approval: TBD
* FHIR-I Approval: 2018-03-19
* FMG Approval: TBD
* FMG Approval: 2018-04-04
* CMG Approval: TBD
* CMG Approval: 2018-03-23
* US Realm Steering Committee Approval: TBD
* Steering Division Approval: TBD
* Steering Division Approval: TBD
* Technical Steering Committee Approval: May 24 2017
* Technical Steering Committee Approval: (go-ahead on May 24 2017) TBD

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C-CDA on FHIR Mappings and Profile Updates Project

Welcome to the C-CDA on FHIR Mappings and Profile Updates Project Wiki Site. This wiki will be used to manage the information necessary to support development of a FHIR Implementation Guide that specifies mappings between C-CDA entry templates within C-CDA Documents and FHIR Profile revisions required to guide the transformation between C-CDA Documents to FHIR Documents.

  • Guiding principles used to manage the project, encourage collaboration, and focus the scope of the content to be included.
    • The PSS sets the scope and boundaries for the project
    • The document content requirements will be documented and preserved on this wiki to support ballot reconciliation and for future reference
      • Content requirements will be generated by analyzing actual examples readily in the United States, available on the internet,and considered to be a reputable reference resource by the steering committee
      • All samples will be considered by the industry team. Some samples may be determined to be out of scope or certain parts or aspects may be deemed out of scope.
    • Decision making over controversial topics will be handled in the larger context of the SDWG meeting.
      • Options will be developed using in a collaborative approach
      • Input will be sought from a panel of industry experts who are focused on the use case of document transformation between C-CDA and FHIR.
      • Working sessions will be conducted with a technical team who will focus on mapping development, Profile updating and IG publication.
      • Final decisions will be governed through Structured Documents (Project Sponsor)

Project Information

  • Project Listservs:

Meeting Times Current Agenda

Conference Calls

Technical Team conference call

Default Meeting time is Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for 1 hour.

Participation Information

Phone Number:United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Participant Access Code: 944-873-037

Web Meeting Info

[Link to Join]

Lisa Nelson to Host

Agenda Items

Current Agenda - Technical Team

  1. Review of PSS and plan for RFP
  2. Plan for gathering test files and for developing test sling

Past Minutes

Working Documents

Last updated: TBD