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===C-CDA/FHIR Mapping===
===C-CDA/FHIR Mapping===
Enter you comments about the maps here
Enter you comments about the maps here [[C-CDA to FHIR Mapping Comments]]
====C-CDA to FHIR Maps====
====C-CDA to FHIR Maps====

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The home page for the C-CDA on FHIR project.

Google Docs Site (ask Rick or Brett for edit access)

Location in FHIR build

Link to the Jan 2017 STU ballot

Link to the current build (same as Jan 2017 at the moment)

Link to the Sept 2016 for comment ballot

Latest Connectathon

Past Connectathons

Current Cycle Meeting Schedule

Reference data

Argonaut Project Pre-work: C-CDA on FHIR Mapping (gdrive) (ask Brett or Rick for edit access)

C-CDA/FHIR Mapping

Enter you comments about the maps here C-CDA to FHIR Mapping Comments

C-CDA to FHIR Maps

Initial CDA on FHIR mapping: CDA on FHIR Mapping

Updated C-CDA entry mapping to FHIR Profiles and Resouces C-CDA entry template mapping to FHIR

FHIR to C-CDA Maps