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BirthDefectsReporting FHIR IG Proposal

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Birth Defect Reporting FHIR IG

Owning work group name

Public Health

Committee Approval Date:

WG approval: May 16 2019 FMG approval: May 22 2019 Clinical SD approval: June 3 2019

Publishing Lead

Craig Newman -

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups


FHIR Development Project Insight ID

Project ID 1532

Scope of coverage

This proposal covers the reporting of birth defects for human patients up to the age of 12 years in the United States. Reporting is from a provider in either a hospital or ambulatory location to a jurisdictional birth defect registry. Reporting may happen at the time of birth or some time aftwards. Clinical content for reporting includes demographics and vital records content but also specific content related to the birth defect(s) for the patient.

Content location

TBD - is there a suggested github repository pathway?

Proposed IG realm and code


Maintenance Plan

Altarum works with the state of Michigan to develop and support their birth defect registry. This association is expected to continue after the publication of the IG.

Short Description

Long Description

Involved parties

Expected implementations

Content sources

Example Scenarios

IG Relationships


When IG Proposal Is Complete

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to

FMG Notes