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Batch Transmission Wrapper

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The Batch Transmission Wrapper is a Transmission Wrapper which is derived from the RIM class "Batch". This Wrapper is the outermost wrapper of the Composite Message Type used by Batch Based Interactions.

The batch wrapper is used for the grouping of transmissions only.

Notes: the receiver of a Batch Based Interaction shall "throw away" the batch wrapper and process the interactions contained in the batch as if these interactions were recieved sequentially as individual interactions.

Relevant Motions

(Out of Cycle, May 2006) Propose that the current Batch Transmission Wrapper be documented as a mechanism for grouping Interactions for transmission purposes only, and for the sender to determine whether or not it wishes to use a batch transmission wrapper, and allow the receiver the option of rejecting batch transmission wrappers when it chooses not to support them. (rene/Joann, 31-0-2)