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Batch Based Interaction

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Glossary definition: A package of information communicated from one application to another.


An Interaction which consists of:

  1. a Batch Wrapper, and
  2. one or more Batch Based Interactions or Message Based Interactions.


Example Instance

  • What would an example instance look like?

Note: the children of e.g. POLB_IN111000 are just as if you were sending that interaction by itself

Schema Validation

  • Should the schema for the batch interaction (MCCI_IN200100) report validation errors for the interactions contained within it?
  1. The contents of a batch interaction can be any combination of any message-based-interaction or batch-based-interaction. As such the creation of a schema for a batch interaction which validates all possible content is problematic.
  2. A Batch wrapper is currently viewed as something one solely uses to group interactions for transmission purposes. The expected behaviour is that a receiver strips off the batch wrapper, and processes the individual interactions within the batch as if they had been received as separate message instances.

Both things lead to a batch interaction schema that does NOT validate its contents.