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Ballot Resolution Best Practices

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This page collects known best practices for ballot reconciliation

Best Practices

  • In all procedures the Work Group co-chairs and facilitator SHALL follow the HL7 Governance and Operations Manual.
  • A facilitator SHALL be assigned for the ballot package.
  • The facilitator of reconciliation SHALL organize the ballot spreadsheet including all of the comments
  • The facilitator SHALL upload the comment spreadsheet to GFORGE for tracking until reconciliation is finalized.
  • The facilitator SHOULD attempt to harmonize comment resolution prior to the WG meeting, whether teleconference or F-F.
  • The facilitator SHALL Triage Ballot Line Items
    • ASAP before meeting
    • identify incomplete ballot submissions
    • check for out of scope comments
    • open email dialog about any unclear comments
    • priorities line items for committee
    • do committee referrals to other committees
  • Schedule committee time
    • based on who can attend when
    • resolve line items by email where possible
  • Overflow on telecons.
    • Make sure all participants can easily navigate the spread sheet (add own id for this at +1)

Block Votes

  • The facilitator SHALL use the "Comment Grouping" Column of the ballot spreadsheet to indicate blocks.
  • Once a block is created, the facilitator will announce to the list
  1. Block name
  2. Item numbers (NOT EXCEL line numbers) including vote type(e.g. Persuasive, Persuasive with mod, etc.)
  3. The date/time for the vote on the block
  • Objections to the contents of the block:
    • Those who object to any comment being included in the block SHOULD announce to the list including Item Numbers and reason for requesting removal from the block
  • During teleconference or F-F meeting
    • Facilitator MAY present the block prior to making a motion
    • Facilitator MAY present a motion, obtain second and then discuss the block.
    • The assembled group MAY add to or subtract from the block prior to the vote.
    • The InM Scribe for the meeting will record:
      • Block name
      • Item numbers with vote type
      • Names of mover and seconder
      • Vote
    • The facilitator will transfer the vote to the ballot comment spreadsheet
    • The facilitator SHALL upload the comment spreadsheet to GFORGE .
    • Those not present at the meeting may register an objection by notifying the list,
      • A co-chair will add the objection to the order of business for the next meeting.
      • If time is of the essence, the co-chair SHOULD star an Email vote using the process in the Work Group Decision Making Practice.
  • Appeals
    • Appeals may be elevated to the Steering Division


  • The facilitator SHALL upload the FINAL ballot spreadsheet to GFORGE.
  • The facilitator SHALL upload the FINAL ballot spreadsheet to the ballot site.
  • An InM co-chair shall use the ballot site tally functions to request withdrawals by voters.