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August 29 - Maturity Model

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Attendees: Emma Jones, Laura Heermann Langford, Jeff Danford, Joseph Quinn, Stephen Chu, Alise Widmer


  • Review Allscripts plan for the Care Plan at the San Diego event
  • Solidify for HL7 San Diego
  • Maturity Model.

Meeting notes:

  • Review of Allscript's plans for San Diego Connectathon
    • Clinical Workflow Questions
      • how do I use order sets when planning care?
      • How does care plans identify what protocol it is adhering to?
      • How do I use best practices or clinical practice guidelines while planning care?
      • how do I close-the-loop?
        • how do I know a request or an order has been satisfied?
        • how does an event or a result point ot the other that authroized it?
        • how do I know who the care team members are?
  • Review of Plan & Activity Definitions...
  • Emma will post her slide deck with the Care Plan documents on the wiki.

  • Review of the plans for the San Diego event and the pages listed for details to be added.
  • San Diego Clinician-on-FHR event:
- Three tracks
- Entry Level: Viet and Russ to lead the group. Viet to write up high level scenario to guide the activities
- Intermediate level: Focus on an encounter at physician office, covering assessment, diagnostic tests, diagnosis, and intervention (e.g. medications). Stephen to write up high level scenario
- Advance level: use of plan definition, care plan, care team and other relevant resources. Emma to lead and write up high level scenario(s)