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ArB Ballot Quality Criteria

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This is the working page for the ArB Project to develop quality criteria for assessing whether proposed ballot content is suitable for actual publication.

It is not the task of the ArB to actually review content or decide whether it may be published, though the ArB may get involved in the determination of whether content is suitable. There is a group of volunteers who will perform this review, but the main intent is that committees will use these criteria internally when preparing content. The ArB will act as the arbiter for unresolveable issues dealing with these criteria that emerge through the ballot process.



  • Responsible committee clearly identified
  • Ballot notes explain current ballot status
  • authors and acknowledgements per pubs guidelines
  • Scope and Position within HL7 clearly defined at start

Ballot Cycle

  • Where the document is in the ballot cycle and future committee intent are both clearly identified
  • Summary of outcome of previous ballot is provided (if appropriate)
  • Summary of known open ballot issues is provided


  • The scope of the ballot matches the scope of the project, or differences are clearly explained


  • There is no internal broken links within the ballot (Tool!)
  • Domains
    • there is a DMIM, a reference to some other DMIM

Conformance to ArB principles

Interaction with other specifications