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April 5, 2011 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information



  1. ’’ (5 min) Role Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. ’’ (15 min) NQF Comments UPDATE
  • Comments submitted on April 1 (cc: Floyd Eisenberg)
  • Next steps?
  1. ’’ (15 min) SHIPPS Project - Ballot Reconciliation
  2. ’’ (15 min) Project Scope Statement -
  3. ’’ (5 min) Other Business

Meeting Minutes


Comments were submitted on April 1st. The process was specified on their website, and we haven’t gone through their process before for comments. Whomever has the best contact with NQF should do the follow-up and contact

  • ACTION ITEM: (Serafina) will follow up with process for reconciliation of the comments Serafina will report back next week.

SHIPPS Project - Ballot Reconciliation

  • At this point: Ioana, Serafina, Mary Ann will not be available for ballot reconciliation at the Orlando WG meeting. This was unknown to the co-chairs until a recent e-mail was sent out. Ioana may be there for a few days but working with another WG for a different project. Richard will discuss with Serafina, Mary Ann, and Ioana regarding attendance off-line. If the option—should none of them be able to attend, then we could start the ballot reconciliation following the May 2011 WGM (during our regular Tuesday meetings) Precedent is unsure if the ballot reconciliation can be done remotely.

NOTE: Ballot Reconciliation does not have to be conducted and/or completed at the WG meeting.

Our Options include:

  • Telecon while at the WG meeting
  • Conduct ballot reconciliation during regular Tuesday CBCC meetings
    • Concern is for those requesting ‘in-person’ response to their comment may not be able to attend our regularly scheduled meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:17 AM PST

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