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Apr 8, 2008, 4 PM EST

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Hugh Glover Julie James John Hatem Tom de Jong

Brief notes

  • Ballot process

It seems there is a new rule that says that unless people take part in ballot X *and* actually vote (either positive or negative, but *not* abstain), they will not be able to join the pool for ballot X+1. This is highly undesirable, because it might either lead to a dwindling ballot pool or encourage people to vote negative when they haven’t really looked at the materials. Action: Tom will check with HQ/TSC if this rule is interpreted correctly. (Note: if this *is* true, we need to remind regular participants to sign up and vote, or they will also not be able to join for the next ballot). (Note: see item 14.08.04 in the new policies and procedures).

The current ballot content is still *not* what we sent in. In this situation (with no attribute-level descriptions) it is doubtful whether having a ballot is useful at all. A compromise would be to let the ballot proceed, but interpret its results as informative. Action: Hugh will continue to request feedback from Don (and express concern about value of ballot).

  • WGM planning

Tom has made a slight update to accommodate a joint session with FM to discuss the A_ValuedItem CMET.

  • Action item list

Not discussed due to limited representation on the call.

  • WGM preparation

Hugh proposes to have a preparatory conference call (with WebEx support) before the Vancouver WGM. This could be used to introduce ‘newbies’ to the Pharmacy and Medication models, without forcing them to be present at Q1 or Q2 on Monday during the actual WGM.