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==R1 Working Definition==
==R1 Working Definition==
Collection of related Regulatory Activities ([[RPS Submission|RPS1 "Submissions"]]).
Collection of related Regulatory Activities ([[Submission (RPS)|RPS1 "Submissions"]]).
==ICH Equivalent==
==ICH Equivalent==

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RPS Application

This is a Glossary page

R1 Working Definition

Collection of related Regulatory Activities (RPS1 "Submissions").

ICH Equivalent



Reglatory Application - A collection of submissions that are grouped together for regulatory purposes, and are usually specific to a particular device, food or feed additive or biopharmaceutical substance.

For example, the marketing application for a drug product can generate multiple regulatory decisions. The first decision may support the initial marketing approval of the product for a specific indication. Subsequent regulatory decisions may approve or deny additional indications for the drug product. The application thus contains multiple submissions, each with their own regulatory action.

NOTE: Over time, an application will typically consist of multiple submissions and regulatory assessments