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Allergy Intolerance Model 20070522

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This update cleans up some of the non-functional parts of the the previous RMIM and also splits the model into CMET's to make it easier to focus on relevant portions and reuse elements.

The full model with visio's is available here(1.3mb zip file)

This model just shows the modeling of the list. Issues for discussion are:

  • should NKA be an strait observation or within a concern.
    • argument for adding to concern:
      • model is simpler
      • may be nice for tracking serial confirmation observations about NKA including refutation.
    • argument for adding as a choice box parallel to concern.
      • a statement of NKA indicates that the list should be empty and that explicitly there are NO concerns.
      • if an NKA observation is negated, (ie there are allergies) then there is no observation of NKDA. This should be indicated by the absence of the observation and the presence of the allergy. Alternate modeling would be to set the observation code as "Allergies" and indicate NKA with the negationInd=True. Same problem exists if the negationInd is False. Its a concern that "allergies exist" in otherwords, there are items in the list.

REPC RM000320 v0705.2 AllergyIntoleranceList.jpg

Here is the CMET for the Allergy Observation itself. REPC MT000323UV A AllergyIntoleranceObservation.jpg

And finally the CMET for the Adverse Reaction. REPC MT000325UV - A Reaction.jpg