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Allergy Intolerance Model 20070502

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up to Allergy Intolerance

Updates from January Model:

  • Formatting changes -- just moved the participants to the left

and act relations mostly to the right to make it look a little more readable.

  • changed the clone name of "exposure" to "substance administration" to

avoid confusion with Public Health use of the term.

  • moved "startsAfterStart>substanceAdmin" to off the reaction, not the

judgment of allergy. THe rational is that technically the judgment would also come after the substance administration, but I think it's more logical for it to be off the reaction. In this manor, it's almost like support for the assertion. The statement is something like: "I assert that there is an allergy condition with a CAGNT of X because there was a reaction Y, and it occurred (shortly) after a substance administration to X" It would not make sense if the SAS wasn't between these 2. If the rash occurred before the substanceAdministration the substance was probably not causative.

  • Added allergy list to the model and a specific NKA observation to the model.

The rational is that in going over use cases, specific negation is a major use case. Some negation such as "no latex allergies can be represented by simply setting the negationInd on the allergy observation, but the assertion of "No known allergies" off to me to have in a concern. It basically asserts that there are NO concerns here. To do this, I think there needs to be a single observation at the list level. You should not have this observation if you have other allergy concerns.

Other things to consider are:

  • I wonder if the support observation should really point at a CMET for

clinical statement or lab domain. This would be to cover the case where you have a complex result (ie a panel, etc)


  • Allergy/Intolerance as of May 2, 2007