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'''Current work:''' Finish the work from the ballot resolution on the Allergy/Intolerance topic and have it published as DSTU.
<b>This is a work in progress.  See HL7 Ballot site for existing specification.</b>
This topic covers all interactions related to clinically recorded adverse reactions, including:
*Recording adverse reactions
*Revising existing adverse reaction records
*Retrieving a patient's adverse reaction records
These transactions are not intended for reporting adverse reactions (as managed by Individual Case Safety Reports). Rather, these transactions are intended to be recorded as part of a patient's electronic health record. They supplement allergy and intolerance records for circumstances where it is not clear whether an allergy or intolerance exists.
These interactions are crafted to support a 'request-based' architecture in which messages are sent from a point of service (POS) such as a clinic, pharmacy, etc. to a central drug information system (DIS). These messages are phrased as requests because the DIS reserves the right to refuse all requests. Reasons might include the presence of contraindications such as drug-drug interactions or duplicate therapy, as well as more mundane issues such as lack of permission, lack of recorded patient consent, etc.
[[Media:Allergies Intolerance Use Cases2.ppt|Powerpoint]] shown at working group meeting in Cologne (use cases).
==Use Cases and Storyboards==
*[[Allergy_Intolerance_UseCase_Storyboards|From the old Ballot??]]
*[[Allergy_Intolerance_UseCase_Storyboards_May23|Revised Draft 2007-May-23]]
*[[Allergy Intolerance Models|Patient Care RMIM as of Jan 2007]]
*[[Allergy Intolerance Model 20070502|Patient Care RMIM as of May 2, 2007]]
*[[Allergy Intolerance Model 20070522|Updated Model as of May 22, 2007]]
*[[Allergy_Discussion_Stakeholders|Add your contact info!]]
*[[Allergy_Discussion_Example|Discussion Formatting Example]]
*[ Editing Help]

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