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Actions for ImpConf merger

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This page lists the things to be done to form a combined TC from the board appointed Implementation Committee and the Conformance SIG.

  • Agree a name: See ImpConf_Mission_and_Charter for suggestions
  • Confirm proposed charter ImpConf_Mission_and_Charter
  • Decide Co-chair arrangements. If we go for more than the current 3 co-chairs, we'll need to have a good justification for having those.
  • Seek formal support from MnM for the change of status of the Conformance SIG. MnM is OK with the SIG becoming a TC, need to find motion in MnM minutes.
    • 20070125: Lisa has the action item to check the minutes.
  • Seek formal endorsement from the Board for the change in status of the IMplementation COmmittee. We have verbal OK from the board.
  • INM has adopted a motion during the San Diego agenda that the Java SIG (of which INM is currently the parent TC) may opt to switch its parent TC to the newly created TC.
  • Seek ARB approval for charter. Make sure we have 1 atomic motion which has the end effect of creating a new TC with the new charter.
  • Request TSC agenda time


The Implementation committee is currently board appointed, but it was suggested that it would be sensible to be run like any other committee, and have elected co-chairs. There has been support from many board members for this.

At the same time it became clear that there is a lot of overlap between what the Implementation committee is doing, and what the conformance committee is doing. When it was suggested at the WGM and on the lists that the committees be merged and form a TC, there was widespread support, and no-one expressed a view that this was a bad idea.