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ActRelationship priorityNumber and other sequencing

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NOTE: Harmonization proposal on public display here for the purpose of commenting and collaborative editing. All your edits are tracked and nothing gets lost. FEEL FREE to improve the proposal and to add any question you want to raise in the discussion. Thanks!

Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change RECOMMENDATION ID:
Submitted by: Gunther Schadow Revision (# and date): 2
Date submitted: 20050212 Committee status: open
Submitted by: Gunther Schadow  
NAME: ActRelationship.priorityNumber (and other numbers)  

Stewards Position

REQUIRED - This table should contain one row for each Steward Committee affected by the recommendation.

(responsibility level: S=Steward; I=Interested)
O&O Unknown I
RCRIM Unknown I
PC Unknown I


It is impossible to interpolate a new act-relationship with a different priorityNumber without requiring renumbering of all other relationships in that group.

Current State

Currently priorityNumbers is an INT.


Change ActRelationship.priorityNumber to REAL


Allows insertion of acts, reordering of priorities without requiring renumbering all the relationships. Priority numbers are often considered fractional, for example, in XSLT they are real numbers, and it is very useful.

Alternatives/Workarounds Considered

Currently workaround is to assign priorityNumbers in larger increments (e.g., 1000) which should leave enough room for insertions, but that would not represent the intent of priorityNumbers.


May need to revise definition of priorityNumber and sequenceNumber to clarify the meaning and use of either. According to this proposal, sequenceNumber would stay INT

As long as there isn't a strong use case of "inserting" something with an existing sequence without sending the entire list of things in the sequence, sequenceNumber would have to stay INT IMHO. Suggest that clarifying wording to differentiate the usage of priorityNumber and sequenceNumber be added to this proposal (i.e. to its recommendations, not just as part of the discussion) Rene spronk 01:25, 17 Feb 2006 (CST)
Agree that sequenceNumber would stay INT. Gunther Schadow

In the discussion we have created some background and guidelines for the possible clarification of both the priorityNumber and the sequenceNumber attributes.

SequenceNumber orders the actions, the labor, the things that are done, describing in which order they are done. Notably, two relationships can have the same sequenceNumber which has a very specific meaning, i.e., that the two actions could be carried out in either order or in parallel (concurrently.)

PriorityNumber on the other hand specifies in which order the relationships are being considered, looked at, etc. So, those orderings that are display-oriented and that can be re-ordered after the fact should be considered priorities, while those that are fixed by how the acts were done should be sequences.

These attributes have been specifically defined for constructing workflow plans. In that case, the elationships are component relationships and the sequenceNumber tells the sequencing of the workflow plan steps. If two steps have the same sequence number, they are unordered, concurrent. Priority is for priority of consideration in the group of the same sequence numbers or priority of consideration if sequenceNumbers aren't there. PriorityNumber is also used on conditional relationships to suggest in which order conditions might be evaluated.

relationship type sequence number priority number
component order of steps to perform (!) order of steps of same sequence number to look at or consider
precondition N/A order of preconditions to consider
occurrence of sequence number of the instance in the group of instances spawned from the repeating target act ?

There may not be too many more use cases for these ordering attributes. But think we need something like this table to get a sense of what we really need.

To me it seems that when we talk about display order, order of consideration, any order that is not given by the physical events but by the arguably best ordering of presenting or considering things should be the priority number.

For instance, if you have sections in a document, you may start writing: abstract, methods, results, conclusion then introduction. But it's presented as abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion. Hardly anyone would consider the order of *writing* of the sections anything to be captured. Instead we capture the order of display. That would be priorityNumber.

I am hesitant to make sequenceNumber REAL because the absolute equality of the sequenceNumber of two steps is relevant, and with REALs and equality it's a bit of a problem. Also, I don't think you can go a half step. But you can fine-tune priority. Priority is relative only. Steps can be considered absolute such that 1 - 3 - 4 would actually mean, that there is a step 2 which you are not talking about.

Recommended Action Items

  • Implement the proposed solution